The "C" behind C&C

I've gained a couple new readers and it's made realize I have never really told you all about myself. I mean, you obviously listen to me ramble on everyday but let me give you a quick run down...

I'm Chelsea - almost was Carla Ann (thank goodness my parents changed their mind on that one!)

I grew up the daughter of a hairstylist and an auto body mechanic. If that doesn't have "hands-on perfectionist" written all over it, I don't know what does.

Truth is, I'm all over the place, I love altering, envisioning, beautifying, fixing, manipulating, exploring, and just plain figuring things out. I sew, I quilt, I scrapbook, I blog, I travel, I read, I shop, I love antiques and most things "old", I enjoy finding a story behind something. Naturally, I ended up in the art field. I'm more of a hands-on kind of gal, but the computer and I get along quite well.

I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications in May of 2009, and have been working as a graphic designer for a liquor distributor ever since the summer of my junior year of college. There's never a dull moment around the house of booze, and I've learned more than I may ever need to know about bars, cocktails and POS (point-of-sale, not pieces of shi-caca!)

I'm passionate about learning, but not necessarily in the school sense. I can't just sit on a coach watching tv, my mind goes wild and starts yearning for something more... if I see someone planting flowers on HGTV I think "I want to grow sunflowers!" and go buy a packet of seeds. That's what TV does to me... adds more busy-ness to my life!

I've inherited a love of travel. My grandparents have gone all around this great earth, and in my mind it goes hand-in-hand with my desire to learn. I thrive on being completely immersed in a new culture and having to basically "learn your way out".

Much of my personality can be summed up by my astrological sign. I'm a Libra. I have a very critical eye and notice details, comes in handy with a career in the arts, not so much in real life. I pick things apart and over-analyze something to it's death. I always consider the opposing view and others feelings (Probably why I chose yellow as my favorite color as a kindergartner. I don't even like yellow, but I didn't want it to feel left out when everyone else was picking pink and blue and orange!)

Lucky for me, I've found someone who's willing to put up with all my indecisiveness and over-analyzation! I met ChrisChris in late 2009 and we've been together ever since. In a crazy coincidence our initials match my blog name, C&C. He loves my family and they love him. Which is a big deal! I'm incredibly close with my family and am fortunate enough to have a good majority of them within a 30minute drive.

To be honest, I created this blog as a prerequisite to graduate (somewhere to show my work, a virtual portfolio) but it has since become something so much more. I love having a space to share me, my thoughts and my life, everything I am and hope to become. I have loved meeting all my "invisible friends" scattered across the country and enjoy being able to look back on everything since I began writing!