T-1 to Papaya's shower

The noodle has a nickname. She's not even here yet, and my niece is called Papaya by nearly half of our family friends! It started as a joke when I threatened mama-to-be that they didn't choose a name soon I was going to name her, and it was going to be something outrageous and CelebriTot-inspired!

That's where Papaya Rose came in. It was either that or Boisenberry Blou! We started referring to Courtney's bump as Papaya as a joke, and now it's kind of stuck! You have to admit, there could be worse nicknames though!

Anyways, Papaya's shower is tomorrow! I have LOVED planning this, like seriously I've had so much fun. I wanted to share some of the goodies with you.

Candy bar! We sort of lucked out, and with the Valentines day right around the corner we found TONS of options of things that match the shower colors - pink, dark pink/red, and a springy green (these colors, and brown, are the colors of the nursery!)

These are part of the favors - aren't these little jars ADORABLE?! We filled them with 3 shades of pink M&M's and tied a green ribbon around the top.

Jones Soda's that will be going in a bucket full of ice - I can't remember the exact flavors- I want to say .
we got Cream Soda (clear/white), FuFu Berry (pink) and Apple (green).

I just wanted to give ya'll a sneak peek! I've got a TON to do today, and will be taking lots of pictures tomorrow so I will definately have a lot to share! EEeeee -I can't wait! I am so excited there will be a little one in the family!

Here's a cute picture of the parents-to-be from a few years ago. Aren't they so cute?! Since I've never "introduced" them on my blog; that's my brother, Brandin and his my sister-in-law, Courtney.... they're so excited for lil noodle to get here!


Saying ByeBye to the Friendship Stars

I have this little problem of getting myself into WAY too many things at once! I've always been this way, and I don't see it changing anytime soon! I'm not one of those people who can lay around on a couch all day, I HAVE to be doing something otherwise I get really anxious.

I finished up one of the projects for charities earlier this week -
My friendship stars for Cancer is Sew Done that I wrote about here. These lil cuties are getting sent off in the morning!

Now I'm off to finish up sewing the knickknacks on my apron for the Martini Madness Apron swap. This thing has been stressin me out for sure! I will post pictures soon. A few of the girls had added pictures of theirs to the Martini Madness blog, and let me tell you... I wouldn't be upset if I received any of those!

I better get to work now!


Back to South Beach!

Our boys in blue have done it again!

My mom & I at the game Sunday night. We've been lucky enough to be at both championship games where the Colts advanced to the Super Bowl! I love it!!

They deserve a second trip back to Miami! Go blue!!


Sneak Peek

Check out these lil lovelies...

They're going to be making an appearance on my apron for my Martini Madness Apron Swap!

I got the fabric a few days ago but am just now finding time to work on it. I'm all giggly with excitement! I can't wait to swap, I hope my partner loooves what I come up with!

Do you have Words?

I have a new obsession, it's an iPhone app of course. First Farkle, then TapTapFarm now Words with Friends!

It's basically scrabble, you can play with your friends who also have iPhones (or random opponents if you so choose)

If you close out the app it doesn't end your game, which is the best part. My friend Allison and I just finished a game we played off & on yesterday and last night.

If you wanna play my username is ChelseaRayHey just invite me! It's so fun ha! (And yes, I did just get 57pt word!)



Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time
I was checking out Craft Hope's blog and noticed a tweet stating that as of 17 hours ago, they have had 745 sales on their etsy shop, and have raised...

wait for it...

$15,350 for Doctors Without Borders!

This is AMAZING! They still have a ton of beautiful stuff if you haven't checked it out, go to their etsy store now!

I snagged a print from BrookLit (I mentioned her work back here),

These handmade soaps by Sonata Soaps and also...

This adorable lil guy by Henny Pennys Jumble. I can't wait to put him in our tree next year!

I heard this morning that another earthquake hit Haiti this morning. Those poor people down there, I'm glad I have been able to help out, even if it is just a little bit - I know every single penny goes towards the awesome work that Doctors Without Borders is doing down there.


Finish the Bolt (and 50% off Kona Cotton!)

I wanted to write this post to tell you about something one of my LQS's does. It's called a Finish The Bolt discount. Shiisa Quilts gives you 40% off if you order 3 or more yards of select fabrics. I got some great Amy Butler Midwest Modern a few weeks ago to use as backing for a WIP that has been sitting for about a year now (terrible, I know!)
They offer very reasonable shipping to, so I totally recommend it if you want to stock up on some cheap yardage!

Another great resource I always use is a blog called Mommy Saves Big, they always have coupons you can print off and use at Joann Fabrics, this week there's a 50% off coupon and a 40% coupon (and yes, you can print off ten and send your husband and 8 kids in with you to buy others!!) I always use them on Kona yardage. While I love supporting my local quilt store's I can't justify passing up deals like this (that just means I can use that saved money towards designer fabric goodies!) The link for Joann's Printable Coupons is here.
(If you feel a lil uneasy using these, don't worry- they are the same coupons that get sent out if you are on Joann's email list). They have a ton of other coupons and online offers there too!

Don't uncross them just yet!

Thanks for the finger crossing. It worked. Well, sort-of. You may need to continue for the next two weeks!

You see, my mom has been a hairstylist all her life, and a salon owner for a little over 10 years now. Great, awesome, fantastic huh? Not so much. She still cuts hair, she has a full clientele, so while she spends normal business hours behind the chair, she also has to go home and manage the business. It's wore her out, and while she wants to continue styling she's over the whole 'owning the business' part of it.

We've had her salon up for sale, and while we've had quite a few bites... most people seem to flake out and never call back or what not. She met with "really interested potential buyer" #4 last night to talk about things. 
We were hoping the new lease papers would be signed and my poor overworked momma could finally breathe a sigh of relief but apparently this lady is still working things out, and is aiming for the end of the month. So please, keep us in your thoughts! I'm really hoping my mom can be free of the added stress by the time her first grandbaby gets here!


Keep your fingers crossed

Hey all,
I'm asking you to please keep your fingers crossed for us. I don't want to go into detail right now, but it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


CraftHope for Haiti

I won't waste your time explaining the tragedy in Haiti, I'm pretty sure everyone is already aware and most are already helping in any way they can. Emily over at So Much For My Plans mentioned a beautiful quilt she picked up yesterday through the CraftHope etsy store, and of course I had to get check it out. I think it's awesome that all of these crafters are donating their handmade goods for this cause.

I snatched up a set of three handmade soaps for only $10! There's some really lovely things, if you haven't checked them out I highly recommend it!

While I have never visited Haiti, I have been to the Dominican Republic, which shares the island with Haiti. It's truly one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been! The people who lived there were all SO kind and welcoming, and always had a smile on their face. I can only hope that the Haitians pull through this with that same hope and joy for life.


Prepping for the little noodle

If you have followed my blog for a lil while, you know that this lil macaroni is on her way.

And with the noodle coming in February, January brings a baby shower and lots of cutesy baby gifts! I've been scouring the web to find original, meaningful gifts for her. With the pre-req that they are absolutely adorable of course. What kind of aunt would I be if I got her non-adorable things!

Since it seems every third woman I meet is a pregger, I though I would share my finds!

1. Girard Alphabet Blocks

Eco-friendly, non-toxic and a great color combo. What more could I ask for?! These are available at the Museum of Modern Art's webstore for $120.

2. Birth Date Print 

This would go great on a nursery wall! It's available for $25 in gracehesterdesign's etsy shop.

3. BabyLegs' leg warmers gift set 

Who doesn't love those chunky baby thighs in cute lil leg warmers...  plus it's MUCH easier to change a poopie one with these on then having to take whole tights/pants off! This gift set comes with 3 pairs, and are on sale for $30 from the BabyLegs' website (different color combos available!)

4. Suprise Sock Monkey 

This little charmer isn't your typical sock monkey. These lil guys are handmade by artists at Fresh Art, New York-based non-profit organization that provides personal development and entrepreneurial opportunities to people with special needs. The fact that no two monkies are the same makes them even more appealing! I originally saw these on Anthropologie's website but have looked into the organization and the monkeys are also available for purchase through FreshArt's website as well, for $30

5. My Little Button boots

Originally, I wanted to get the lil squirt a pair of baby Uggs, however seeing they were a tad pricey, and would probably get grown out of rather quickly, I thought these (while slightly cheaper) were equally as adorable! They are available in six different colors from HipKnotz for $24-$28 (depending on size)

Well, I don't know about you but that's all the cuteness I can handle for one day. HA only kidding, unfortunately I need to get to work on the invites for said shower, otherwise the little peanut will be very upset when she's born and her mommy & daddy have no supplies because Auntie Chelsea didn't follow through with the party!

Circle, circle, dot, dot

I've decided it's time to branch out from squares... Hellllooooo circles!

Yep, me & AB are making our rounds (hehe sorry corny I know!)

I've been tracing an old cd & cutting with my normal rotary cutter. Aside from looking like a dog chasing my tail, it's relatively easy.

I'm using 1/4 yards of 10 different prints, and it's looking like it will become a decent-sized throw!

I am following Make It...A Wonderful Life's Simple Circle Quilt Tutorial it's very easy to follow so far and although I'm only using 10 diff quarter yards I think I shoudl be ok, because I'm holding off on the border until I see how the top turns out (her tutorial has you save strips for the border as you are cutting circles)

If anyone else wants to join in on the fun or has made a simple circle quilt before I'd love to see it! I always enjoy some good quiltin' company.... linksies please!



Surprise, surprise, I joined something else! I know right. I couldn't help it - I came across a post in the SewMamaSew forum and HAD to join. It was so me. So, Hi- my name is Chelsea, I'm a martini-holic. I am the newest member to Shawnee's Flirty "Martini Madness" Apron Swap.

But really, I work in the liquor industry, and two of my favorite things to do are bake and sew. I can't believe I've gone this long without an apron, what was I thinking?! All those jeans I had to wash because I covered them in flour (I said I liked to bake, not that I was cut out for my own Food Network show - I can't keep the kitchen clean if my life depended on it!)

It's a totally cute idea, you get an anonymous partner and make them an apron and send them a cute lil package just in time for Valentine's day complete with an apron and a martini glass of your choice (no plain ones allowed!).

There's still time to join.... I believe registration is open til tomorrow. I'm kind of glad I caught it at the last minute, I am not a patient girl, and waiting a month after signing up before learning who my partner was would have drove me INSANE!


A Spoon-ful of yum

Have you ordered from Spoonflower before or are you one of the swooners like me who just lurks around drooling on everything (good thing it's an e-store... I'd probably be banned from a brick&mortar store due to leaving a trail of saliva!)

I'm thinkin of placing an order one of these days. I know, first I overcame my fear of ordering fabric online, now I'm talking about ordering custom created fabric. YIKES what the heck has gotten into me!? I kid, I kid, but really... $18/yard isn't the sort of party I waltz right into, it requires a little standing shyly in the corner first.

You better believe I've picked out some favorites though!


I really love the houses and the numbers, they're so dang cute!


Chelsea is SEW done procrastinating

Well... I'm starting to be done procrastinating! I dug out my ziploc baggies of Lotus-love to start working on my charity blocks for Cancer is Sew Done (blogged about here).

These pretties will soon be part of friendship stars.... and you already know that since I'm a newly self-diagnosed Kona Cotton Addict, I've already picked out my coordinating solids and am cutting my heart out (wait... not that way. I mean, I'm cutting to my heart's content) just as soon as I close my Mac.

By the way, Tracey added new groups today, so if you haven't joined yet there's still time! You can visit the site today to find out more.

I'm a little late, but thanks Santa!

They're pretty aren't they? Santa brought em for me this year. Two big bundles of Kona Cotton love, straight from his heart! While I can't wait to cut into them... I am also hesitant because they look so pretty and colorful as sit on my table! That and I can't decide what exactly I want to turn them into yet... ideas are welcome!