Everyone maybe worth knowing

On our trip back from Kentucky, I started reading a book I had picked up a few months ago, Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger.

Let me go ahead and throw it out there that I'm a speed reader. I had 3/4 of the book done in about 4 hours... and I LOVED it. I was totally into the book, wanted the characters to be real life best friends, you know all that good stuff. With that being said, once I got back I didn't have as much free time and didn't get to finish the book until last night.

Maybe it's just me, but honestly I was a little bit disappointed. I was hooked on the book, but the last like two chapters just kinda let me down. I feel like lots of details were left out and the end was hurried. Has anyone else read this? Did you have the same feeling?

All in all, I would totally recommend this book, it's a great chick lit beach read and that's exactly what I was looking for! I absolutely loved the author's other book, Chasing Harry Winston, and adore the movie The Devil Wears Prada (although I haven't read the book). I can definitely see the similarities between DWPrada and Everyone Worth Knowing though, they seem to have very similar main characters!

Next up I'm going to move along to something recommended by you guys!


Gettin lucky in Kentucky!

I'm prefacing this post by re-stating the fact that I am a 60yr old stuck in a 22yr olds body. Just saying. If you start reading and find yourself thinking "wow, what a geek!" feel free to exit, I promise I'll try to contain my excitement! ;) Oh! But before you go, thank you for your sweet, sweet comments on my nieces photos! I digress...

So every year around this time there's a big quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky. And when I say big I mean HUGE! Just about every store in their town has fabric vendors taking it over during this weekend, the antique stores, grocery stores and even the Harley shop had been overrun by quilters! My mom and I went a few years ago and had a blast. We bought so much cute fabric and couldn't wait to go back this year!

So at noon on Thursday I left work, met mom at home (along with her friend Gina) and headed out on our 5.5 hour drive. Girls weekend, woohoo!

We did a lot of fabric shopping. Aside from food and a few vintage pieces of jewelry (which I can't wait to share in a future post) all I bought was fabric! I came home with two huge bags and I can't wait to share photos, I hope to get a few quilts made and up for sale in the next few months!

One of my favorite reasons to go to Paducah is because of Hancocks of Paducah. Every year they have huge tables set up of precut fabric that is atleast 50% off of what you'd normally pay. It's typically a madhouse (see photo) with women surrounding all the tables going through fabric.

If you can't tell, I was by far the youngest person with the exception of children in strollers that had no choice but to come. Hah I love it though! These ladies are so sweet, and are just so impressed that someone my age is into quilting! They are always asking me questions, not to mention glaring at my bright, bold fabric choices in comparison to their muted colors!

We got back in town Sunday afternoon, and of course I was sad to be back to the real world and work today! Oh how I love days when I don't have to wake up to my alarm!! To be honest, I missed ChrisChris though, so I was atleast excited to come back and see him. I had a blast spending the weekend with my mom, too. The older I get the more I appreciate the time I get to spend with her! I love that it no longer feels like we're just mother/daughter but also that we're friends!

Spring Giveaway : Winner

I've been out of town for a long weekend and in non-blogger mode since Thursday afternoon! Alas, I'm back at work and slowly catching up with all my comments, new followers and hundreds of unread blog posts (yikes!)

The first task to check off this morning is announce the winner of my Spring Giveaway sponsored by Elliven Studio!

The winner of this handmade ruffled stationary set is #5, Miss Nicole over at BusyGirl! I can't wait to hear what she's going to use them for! (Nicole, I've sent you an email with details!)

Thanks again to Julie for hosting this giveaway, if you haven't already checked out her Etsy shop go do so now! She has a ton of cute, not to mention practical, things! I'm snagging up a coupon holder this week!


Livy Loo's 8 Weeks Old!

I haven't bombarded you with photos of my adorable, snuggly niece lately, and my lucky readers, I think today is a good day for that! Olivia had her one month photos taken a few weeks ago, I like to think she takes after her aunt in the good looks department ;) (Joking! but really, this kid is a doll baby)
That last one is her on Easter. This week she rolled over from her tummy to her back all by herself! I can't believe how much she's changing already, one part of me wants her to stay tiny and snuggly, while the other part of me can't wait til she can start walking and talking and I can take her out on fun little auntie/niecey outings!

I have really fond memories of hanging out with my Aunt Pat when I was young, I always LOVED when I got to go spend the day (or if I was really lucky spend the night too!) with her, I just hope that Olivia feels that same way towards me!

And of course, don't forget to enter my giveaway! It's going to be open until Sunday, and you don't want to miss out on this ruffle stationary set!


43 degrees and a whole lotta pink

Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30 Chris woke up at 6:30 to get a shower and run to Dunkin Donuts to surprise me with coffee and a donut when I woke up at 7 7:15ish (he's kind-of adorable, I know!)

We then decked ourselves out in our pink gear and waited for Al & EP and my darlin' friend Casey to meet us at the condo. Once they arrived we piled into a car, drove down the street and got ready to kick breast cancer in the booty!

I was completely shocked by the amount of people there! I heard on the news that they had over $41,000 people sign up. Which yea, sounds like a lot until you see them all on one street - holy tata's! 

(Stole Borrowed these photos from Casey's facebook!)
EP, Allison, Casey, myself & ChrisChris

This was our first year doing Race for the Cure, and aside from the chilly temperatures we had a blast! Three miles isn't nearly as bad as I imagined it being (I might kick myself for saying this, but I almost think I could have ran it)

On our path we passed the Indianapolis Zoo, and they had one of their elephants standing on the hill with big pink ribbons painted on her ear - so cute!

We spent a large part of the 3 miles chatting and enjoying the sunshine (thank goodness it didn't rain!). We've come up with some awesome team names for next year, and we're planning on getting a larger group together to do it! I had such a sense of community and pride when we looped around back to the finish line! My least favorite part was seeing the children and teens with the "In Loving Memory of My Mom" signs on their shirts, that just broke my heart, but it gave me an even bigger push to volunteer again next year and try to raise even more money in the fight against breast cancer!

That's one more thing I get to cross off my 23 Before 23 list! (Did you notice my new button the right side, fancy huh?)


Spring Giveaway!

Good morning lovelies!
Did Monday morning come quick or what?! I'm excited to kick off this week with a giveaway though! I have a super cute set of handmade stationary for one of my lucky readers made by Julie over at elliven studio
I think these would be so cute to send to a friend who just bought a new home (at their new address of course) or to congratulate on a new baby!

And since I love the back-story behind items, I asked Julie for a quick little bio so we all could get to know her a little better:

"My name is Julie, I'm a SAHM and the owner of the Etsy shop elliven. I focus on creating accessories using designer fabrics, and recently started offering a stationery line that combines paper with fabric. The stationery line includes sets created out of handmade paper which has been made by myself using recycled paper from my own home. I love to combine different textures to add dimension to my products. Stationery sets with ruffled fabric or fabric accessories with some vintage lace sewn onto them, this gives each item it's own one of a kind, unique look! I love to hang out with my three boys and husband when I'm not creating items for the shop, and am constantly looking for inspiration for new items."
SO, want to win this cute little set of 3 handmade ruffled cards (each with their own envelope and piece of Japanese Washi tape - I posted about my adoration for Washi tape here!)....

To enter:
*You must be a follower of my blog!*
1 entry: visit elliven and tell me what your favorite piece is
2nd entry: become a follower of Julie's blog, elliven studio 
(leave a comment here letting me know)
3rd entry: blog about this giveaway (be sure to leave a comment with a link!)

*As always, you must leave me a separate comment for each entry - it's MUCH easier that way!

Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday evening.


Something to remember

I'm not going to lie - I don't go to church, and I honestly can't say I've been since I was in elementary school. I am not completely sure of my beliefs and am not posting this to start a big debate, but ever since ChrisChris shared this quote with me a few months ago I continuously find my mind wandering back to it...

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.
When God takes something from your grasp he's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you


Work in Progress

I know my page looks a little nuts right now.... I was playing with Bloggers new template designer feature and, well honestly, it's 4 o'clock and I'm leaving work! I will fix this bad boy when I get some time later tonight!


Etsy Love : April 2010

I know, it's Tuesday and I'm skipping Top2Tuesday! (gasp!) I've been drooling over a handful of things over at Etsy and with the sudden burst of warm spring weather here in the circle city I'm in more of a shopping mood than ever! Here are some things I'm wanting right now....

1. An incredibly cute spring clutch by ArstyCraftyBabe

She has a bunch of really cute color combinations - I want throw my cell phone and cash in there with a pair of jeans and a white tshirt for a relaxed date night with the mister!

2. Chic little knot ring by indiaylaluna
 This dainty little ring would be one of those that I wear everyday and layer with everything!

3. A bright, cheery 8"x10" Sunflower print ialbert
 I want this in a black frame leaning up on a mantle or a floating shelf! What an easy, cheap way to add a splash of color!

4. An Anthropologie-esque Initial Mug by TickledPinkGoods
How cute would a set of these spelling out your last name or initials look hanging in the kitchen?

5. Summer-cocktail-ready coasters by HouseofPeltier
These have back-porch-sittin' written ALL over them! So cute, they would look awesome in a living room too!

This Etsy Love featured simple things that add a pop of color, so you can transition into spring and summer months without spending a boatload of cash! If you're anything like me you want the most bang for your buck!
What are some ways you're planning on sprucing up your spring wardrobe and home? 

(All photos are property of their respective Etsy sellers!)



I didn't sleep well last night, it was storming and the thunder woke me up around 2am and I honestly don't know if I ever really fell back asleep after that.

Ugh hate those nights!

I thought I'd leave you with a picture of my eat-her-up-she's-so-darn-cute-niece! Baby girl is 6 weeks old today! I cherish the fact that my brother & sister-in-love only live about 15min from me. I get the chance to spend so many moments with them and watch LivyLoo grow!


We're moving!!

Oh my gosh you guys, I have THE most exciting news!
Yesterday after work, I was about to leave my head boss stopped by my office. He was talking in hushed tones and to be honest it freaked me out a little bit. Remember the merger I was telling you about? Well apparently, our new partner company is bringing in their designers from Texas, and so they are trying to figure out where to fit my boss and myself (we are the currently the only two people in the design department).

So get this, our new partner has an office in the Caribbean to oversee production and distribution in those areas (they do a lot of business with resort chains and cruise ships and what not).
Big boss man talked to me for a little bit about how they would like to get someone down there to do advertising and work on a vacation-centered type of design for when our sales reps go in to the resorts.
Their office is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico! Chrischris & I stopped there on our cruise in October, and while it's not my FAVORITE Caribbean spot, HELLO it's still a lot more "paradise" then Indiana!!

So if all goes well, we will be moving to Puerto Rico within the next 6 months! I'm a little nervous about the whole thing but honestly this was a position I couldn't pass up! There's even talk of me having to travel (OH DARN!) to some of the major resorts down there to work on drink menus for their on-the-property bars and things like that.

I'm going to hate leaving all my family back here, but hopefully once Chrischris & I get all settled in we can have visitors all the time!