Happy Tape = Happy Christmas!

Shh... I'm supposed to be working, but I had a revelation on my way in to the office this morning. And by revelation I mean I was daydreaming about crafty things instead of focusing on the road. It's almost a morning ritual nowadays.

I do my best thinking in the car. Or the shower. Where do you do yours?

Off track, sorry. Anyways I decided I wanted to wrap all my gifts in craft paper. Then I figured I would be more environmentally friendly and wrap them in leftover newspaper and paper grocery sacks.

This is where my happy gift-giving comes into play...

Hello, the answer to the worlds problems - happy tape! Those Japanese sure know a thing or two about making me smile - adorable fabric, spicy tuna rolls, happy tape, heck even my boyfriend is 1/4 Japanese!

But seriously, how cute will this look on a Classified-ad-wrapped-gift?!

Nothing says straight from the heart like last week's sudoko.

(Photo is property of Tina Rice at Happy Tape; product can be bought here. I purchased the Waterfall 5pk, but I must have snagged one of the last few because I see it's now sold out.)

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