Things I Didn't Buy (1st edition)

In honor of the upcoming Black Friday (for those of you non-staters, the day after Thanksgiving is considered THE biggest shopping day of the year, people are out waiting in lines for stores to open early-most around 3am and 4am-to get REALLY good deals, and then running around like madmen trying to collect all you came for. It's a blast!)

But anyways, that's my cultural lesson for the day! So, in honor of Black Friday, I am posting my first edition of Things I Didn't Buy, although it may need to become 'Things I Have Yet To Buy', or 'Things I Have Added To My Shopping Cart, But Haven't Clicked Check-Out, So I Technically Haven't Bought Them Yet' because some of these are really stinkin cute...

1) Paper Heart Shadow Box Art by SarahAndBendrix

They sell these gorgeous paper-heart-cutout-goodness thingys that come pre-framed in a shadow box. You purchase them individually, but does this picture not make you want to buy a whole wall full?!

2. Don't Forget Aged Sterling Silver Bow Ring by Whimsy Wire and Wool

This one is completely rational... I'm forgetful! I don't know how I've lived to the age of 22 without a bow tied on my finger!

3. Ride the Wind print by SpreadTheLove

I don't know if I love the quote or the hot pink yumminess of the background more!

4. Chanel Lover print by EmmaKISStina

So beautifully awkward, I love little imperfect pieces like this. Maybe I can relate because my drawings in art school never turned out looking quite like what I was supposed to be rendering!

5. Lilac Fingerless Gloves by Afra

I love arm warmers...gloves... scarves.... leg warmers... anything knitted that keeps me cozy really. It doesn't help that these are so frickin cute i want to wear them all year long! (Be sure to check out the insanely cute shawls and caplets in the store too!)

Ok, ok, enough wishlisting for me for today. Have a lovely afternoon (and safe travels for the holidays!)


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