A thought on backs

I really love the look of pieced backs... But I just can't bring myself to get too wild with them. I usually keep it relatively simple with one stripe (a pieced stripe, yes, but just one!)

I see so many photos around blogland of these amazing backs that are about as intricate as my fronts!

This is my most recent back, I'm not gonna lie- I kind of love it. Even though it is super simple, it makes me smile!

(Those animals in Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo are so darn cute!)

How do you decide what your back looks like? Do you dive on with a plan or just start sewing and see where you get? Just curious!

Back to the cutting mat-


JB and Jane said...

its beautiful, I love the color combinations.

Chelsea said...

Thank you! I actually finished the binding on this tonight and am hoping to post photos asap!

Lula Dahl said...

I love quilt backs that are just a little plain but still interesting. Yours looks great! I usually start quilting with no plan at all other than "I want the blocks to look like this ___." Probably a bad plan, but it has worked out for the most part so far! I just kind of wait to see how much fabric I have left over from the top and what I need for binding. I also let the quilt tell me how it feels about the back. ;)