Race for the Cure

Save the TaTa's!!

(PS I have this shirt, and I always get a whole SLEW of comments when I wear it! You can purchase similar ones here)
I signed up to do Indianapolis' Race for the Cure this year! I'm really excited about it.... it will be my first major "race" and while it's only a 5k, and I do not plan on running it, I am still excited for the meaning behind it.This is very out of my element. While I did track in high school, I mainly did sprints & long jump, I'm by no means a distance runner! I hope I don't disappoint any of you by saying that I will be walking, not running, in this event!

Watching my grandma battle cancer was one of the hardest things I ever had to witness, although she was throwing her punches against Leukemia, breast cancer is just as scary of a battle! I decided to join in the fight this year in honor of all the brave women who are fighting it, and to all the families who have lost women they loved due to this terrible bully!

If you want to check out more or even be SUPER awesome and make a donation to help find a cure, you can check out my own personal page.

To learn more about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in general, you can visit this site.


Not a spork, but a fork.

I'm at a spork in the road. Hehe ok it's more of a fork, but that's not nearly as fun!
You see, I started this blog as part of my senior design portfolio in order to graduate. It once acted as a website for myself as a designer. And then I never used it because, well to be honest, because I already had a job. And I didn't have a reason to keep a constantly updated portfolio (besides, I keep pieces from my current job on my House of Booze site anyways!)
So, I began using it as a site for my sewing, crafty and quilt things. The name, Cream & Cotton, carried over because well honestly, it just fit. But lately over the past few months it's become less of a creative-purpose blog and more of just a general "this is my life!" blog.

While I love blogging like this, I missing having a space to share my creative pieces and projects, and although I know I could just smoosh it all together on here I just don't think that works out. I know some of you don't want to hear about the new fabric I bought, and those of you who come here to see my latest projects get tired of hearing about my Top 2 Tuesdays!

So bear with me as I'm in the process of trying to figure out how I want to move forward at this point!

Have any of you dealt with something similar? How did you handle it? I've contemplated making tabs and keeping everything within Cream & Cotton and also about moving this to a new name and saving C&C for my Craft Creations... decisions decisions


One of a kind!

A few months ago I was in the Coach store and saw this ring

and I sort of fell in love with it.... except, well, I didn't want to be a walking Coach billboard so I stored it in the back of my mind and carried on with my life.

Only thing is, I couldn't get it off my mind! So a few weeks ago I put an ad on Etsy's alchemy feature asking for someone to recreate this ring for me but put Chelsea instead of Coach. I had an awesome response and finally decided on someone to create my ring, and... (drum roll please)

Um... basically I love it! Bram with SilverRoots created it and I'm sure he could hook you up with something similar if you wanted! Once I decided on him and forked over the money, I had my ring created & back to me in less than a week! He kept me updated on the whole process and it was a great first Etsy Alchemy experience!

Wouldn't this be super cute with your little one's name (or names!) on it? Maybe your hubby's name, or your new initials if you're a newlywed?! The possibilities are endless seriously!

UPDATE: Here's my attempt to take a picture of it on my hand! A little blurry - apologies!


I need help!

Hey geniuses (boy, if that doesn't sound like me being a smart ass, I don't know what does! I am being honest though haha promise)

I need help. You  know how you can make "pages" within blogger now - ie different tabs at the top or side, with static pages such as About Me or what not?
I want one of my pages to have all of my quilt/crafty posts on it, as in every post that I have labeled "quilt". Is this (easily) feasible?  
Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?
I know it's possible becauseKnock Off Wood has it on hers, if you click on one of her categories they take you to a site titled ""

I am semi-fluent in html, but I can't seem to find a tutorial or coding anywhere for this!


Naner no-no

Hey all,
It was brought  to my attention by an anonymous comment that my last post may be offensive to some. I just wanted to drop a quick line to apologize about this. I didn't intend for it to be taken that way- the banana reference is to "banana hammocks" or what men's Speedo swimwear is sometimes referred to and I said the African-American audience because that is the target consumer for many of the rappers brands' I referred to at the beginning of the post/conversation.

I now understand how that could have been taken WAY wrong, and I just wanted to clear that up!

I do, however, wish the anonymous commenter wouldn't have been anonymous so I could personally apologize. Has anyone else had issues with the "infamous anonymous"?


Merger- yay or nay?

If you've been following along here for any bit of time, you've probably picked up that I work for a liquor distributor. We are a local distributor, serving mainly Indiana. About a year ago word starting brewing that a nation-wide distributor was wanting to break into the market in Indiana, this wasn't something to celebrate for us, because all-in-all they would force us out of business.

There had been rumors swirling that we were trying to merge with another nation-wide distributor, and as I learned through the local online newspaper this morning.... we merged.

Yep, I learned of it from the internet. I'm not the happiest of campers right now. I love my job, but they are so bass-ackwards on some things... I just can't believe they wouldn't let ALL of the employees know before it hit the tv's & newspapers! (Our sales reps got an email yesterday, but us designers were left clueless!)

There's no word yet as far as.... well,  basically, as far as if we'll still have jobs after this is all said and done, but they're saying that we shouldn't be worried.

Hey maybe I can score a raise and/or extra vacation time after this!

UPDATE: About 10 minutes after I posted this, we got an email with the news brief in it. Everyone around the office is REALLY upbeat and talking about what a good thing it is, so that makes me really happy!


Dippin' my cake balls!

I know, I know, I'm sorry... I couldn't help myself - all evening long I kept saying "I gotta dip my balls tonight" I share the same humor as a 16 year old boy, what can I say! Atleast I added "cake" into the title!

So, I've spent many a day drooling over Bakerella's treats. I'll be the first to admit that. If you haven't you should probably hurry on over there and bring your slobber rag with you! I decided it was time to try out one of her recipes. So Friday night while we were watching the little rooter-tooter

(sidenote: how precious is this photo of her with her daddy's hand)

she was snoozing away so I decided to make some Red Velvet Cake balls. I didn't have a chance to dip them until Saturday morning, and they were devoured shortly there after. I used red velvet cake mix, cream cheese icing and chocolate bark coating. Honestly, this is one of the best things I have ever made!
(poor Q iPhone photo - apologies!)

Since I'm hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party Monday evening, I woke up this morning (and somehow lost an hour while I slept... grr damn you daylight savings - us Hoosiers are new to it, and do not enjoy it!) with a brilliant idea. I was going to make more cake balls! And as I am writing this, my chocolate bark is hardening. This time I went with lemon cake, lemon supreme icing and white chocolate. My kitchen smells of lemon yumminess. 

I haven't tried one of the lemon balls yet, but I am thinking they will make a delicious breakfast for me as I'm rushing off to work tomorrow morning! PS I'm totally excited for my party tomorrow night, have you ever bought from them? They have some seriously cute stuff! (Not to mention awesome hostess goodies like freebies and great deals!)


Good Morning Friday

I wish I could say I'm back with another thrill seeking story like yesterday! Unfortunately, I'm not... give a girl a break, she can't be adventurous and exciting every day! But anyways, I've been a lot more active in blogging in the past few months, and I'm having a blast! I wanted to thank all ya'll who come here and listen to me babble, and especially those of you who babble back! I've had so much fun getting to know some of you (and those of you who are hiders... come out and play, I don't bite!)

Until last summer I never really knew blogging existed, but once I discovered it...woo boy, I'm addicted! I look forward to checkin up on my "invisible friends" as Chrischris & I call you all, and I love being able to chat with ladies all over the country (and some in other countries!)

So, I'm curious - what's your favorite part about blogs? Do you read them for recipes/ideas/tips? For inspiration? Or just to make some invisible friends with some awesome people?

Oh! By the way.... 'll be back later today with a new feature I'm starting, it's called Mixer & Mingle, and I'm going to feature a cute outfit with sourcing as well as a lil cocktail recipe. This weekly feature lets me throw in a little of my job training as well as my love for (affordable) fashion and I'm quite excited for it! I've been dreaming it up in my head for a couple weeks now!


Lil' legs

Do you remember the Baby Legs' legwarmers that I mentioned here?
Well look at this little doll baby sportin her yellow polka dotted ones that her favorite aunt got her before she was even born! (Yea, she may need to grow into them a lil!)

PS. I promise I do fill my days with things other than taking iPhone photos of my new niece, and I'll revert back to talking about those other things soon. I promise!