Naner no-no

Hey all,
It was brought  to my attention by an anonymous comment that my last post may be offensive to some. I just wanted to drop a quick line to apologize about this. I didn't intend for it to be taken that way- the banana reference is to "banana hammocks" or what men's Speedo swimwear is sometimes referred to and I said the African-American audience because that is the target consumer for many of the rappers brands' I referred to at the beginning of the post/conversation.

I now understand how that could have been taken WAY wrong, and I just wanted to clear that up!

I do, however, wish the anonymous commenter wouldn't have been anonymous so I could personally apologize. Has anyone else had issues with the "infamous anonymous"?

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Sole Matters said...

okay this has ZERO to do with your post, but i LOVE your "blog archive", "followers" etc. i also like the header...where did you get it/how did you make it?