Adding to the stash

For Christmas, Chrischris gave me a gift card for one of my favorite LQS's. I was SO pumped to use it, but I had been doing a few commissioned quilts around that time, and had been to the store so many times, that once I had my gift card there was nothing I wanted, I was tired of looking at all of it! (I know, gasp!)

I have been showing admirable will-power the past month and a half, and haven't visited, as to ensure a great new selection when I went.

It worked! I not only got all the fabric for my Fussy Cut Quilting Bee but I also got some other goodies!

(Note: pictures from Fat Quarter Shop, although I love them I didn't get my fabric here!)
Some Verna by Kate Spain. I won't lie, I wasn't that impressed when I saw this line online, but in person I fell in love. Imagine that ;)

And some Blush. I worked at a scrapbook store while I was in high school, and Basic Grey was one of my favorite paper designers, I was really excited to learn they were designing fabric too!

I also got to see Moda's new(er) line Oz, I was uncertain about this one online, but I have to admit, it's pretty darn cute!

However, the one I fell hardest for was quite a surprise to me. Not usually my style, but it's absolutely GORGEOUS! 

Love love love loved it. They only had about half the line though, so I decided to wait.

With all of this good fabric you would think I spent the evening sewing. I didn't!
I've been bonding with this lil lady....

Oh man I love her. She has my heart wrapped around her finger! I'm off to bed now though, I hope to get some serious sewing time in tomorrow... way too many new goodies not to play with!



Something good did come from my blah mood the other day.... I pulled a pretty fun selection of fabrics from my stash! I plan on doing all improv blocks, and almost have the first done (give me a break, I was in a blah mood! Not conducive to creativity or sewing!)

It's already been deemed the pee & poop quilt. Yes, we have the maturity of 2nd graders around here!


I'm skimpy

My posting is skimpy I mean. I've got a lot going on right now, a lot aside from the most adorable niece in the world that is. I am still alive, I promise! I'll leave you with a very cute picture that we have titled "The Grandpa Hand-off"


Olivia Lauren

Bloggie buddies, I want to introduce you to my newest obsession...
Baby Olivia

She was born today at 1:13pm, weighing in at a healthy 8lbs, 4oz. The new parents are doing wonderfully, but quite wore out!
That's my mom in the photo, the new grandma! I will post more pictures soon, but I can't find my camera cord right now! 

Another update!

Looks like little miss Papaya is just as stubborn as the rest of our family. This is how the day's played out so far
11:30pm (last night): B texted me to say that Courtney were having contractions 5-6min apart so they were heading to the hospital to see if it was time.
3:15am: Another text from Brandin, they were admitted, Courtney is at 6cm
6:30am: I checked in to see how it was going, Brandin said everything was good til Courtney got the epidural, she had been puking ever since, and no progress
9:15am: Still stuck at 6cm
10:04am: Moved along to 7cm, they gave Courtney a little more epidural (she was given too much the first time, that's why she got sick)

Thanks for all the happy thoughts, will keep you updated!


Papaya Update

The mama-to-be is having contractions about 10 minutes apart. I see a baby making her way into this world (and our hearts) soon soon soon!


That's how I feel today.
Not blah in the sick way, just blah in the attitude way. I got two new cookie cookbooks (I LOVE making cookies) for Christmas, and was flipping through them with the intent of making cookies, but nothing looked appealing. I went to the antique mall, and wandered around there for a good hour or two, but didn't find anything. I sat down to sew, and made a block for one WIP, a block for another, and then was just burnt out with that too.

I don't know what my deal is! I've been really anxious lately, and am hoping that it fades after Tuesday's biopsy. My niece will be here soon... that makes me excited, but today that excitement won't stick around.
I can't figure out a darn thing that will shake this mood though! I've tried playing Wii, catching up on my blogs, I even washed my hair (dirty hair makes me grumpy. Super grumpy. Just ask ChrisChris) but nothing is working.

I think I'll just figure out how to be content with my grumpus mood today. It doesn't look like it wants to go anywhere, and I am tired of fighting it! Do you ever have this problem? How do you shake it? Help!! Ha


You all are so fun! I've really enjoyed getting to know you all and checking out the new blogs of those of you who entered from SMS!

Some of your $150 answer really cracked me up - I'm not gonna lie, if I found $150 in a new pair of jeans I would probably put it in my bank account! Boring I know, but that's a nice chunk towards a vacation! 

I'll quit babbling though, and announce the winner.... thanks to the Random Number Generator, out of the 20 of you who so kindly left comments and played along....

Comment #9, Mateya from Our Journey from Iraq to the Alter,  is going to win my Favorite Things gift bundle! 

How funny - we're both the boring ones who would save the money! Anways, congrats Mateya! Everyone else should go check out her super cute blog!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 100th post, I've really enjoyed gettin to know you all! I had a lot of fun with the giveaway, I hope to do them more frequently!


Papaya Rose will be here soon!

I feel I should preface this post by saying Papaya Rose is not going to be her real name. It was a joke name I came up with about halfway through Courtney's pregnancy, and it has sort of stuck. (Mama & Daddy haven't decided on a name/aren't telling until she is born).

(print by SycamoreStreetPress, found on etsy here)

I'm sure you are all familiar with Papaya, I posted about her here when they found out she was a girl, here when I was looking around for gifts, and here when we threw her a shower!

My brother emailed me today to say that Courtney is half effaced, and 2-3cm dilated!! I'm not exactly sure what all this means... BUT the doctor says the baby will be here by Thursday! Please keep Courtney & Papaya in your thoughts and lets hope for a fast, smooth, healthy delivery whenever she decides to make her grand debut!

I can't wait to be an aunt! Any and all suggestions are welcomed - aside from babysitting gigs, I haven't had much experience with little babes! I was the youngest in my family!

These are a few of my favorite things

Since this is my 100th post, I felt like I should make it somethin' special! I already filled you in on the giveaway I am hosting in the last post, although I didn't tell you what it was for. Is the suspense killing you yet? I can only imagine! (Kidding. Although, I would be flattered!)

I am giving away a little bundle of my favorite things! Chrischris & I wandered around last night collecting goodies, and since they are all still in the bags in my trunk and I am at work, I can't very well post a picture so I will fake it!

The first goody is a super cute scarf (not the exact one pictured, but VERY close!). I love love love scarfs. My typical work attire is a plain colored shirt, dress pants, cute heels and a scarf. Even in the summer. I have probably 15-20. It's bad, real bad!

The second item in my rad giveaway bundle is a tube of Burts Bee's. Absolutely addicted to this, I've probably gone through 6 tubes (that's a lot in chapstick land!). Favorite balm ever, nothing more to say!

Maybe I should have titled this the Things Chelsea is Addicted to" hah - Orange tictacs and dark chocolate. Yum!

I've also included one of my favorite games - Left Right Center. It's a dice game, we play for quarters, sometimes dollars, but if you want to be gambling-free it comes with little plastic chips. SO fun, and you can play with anywhere from 3 to 300 people?!

The last item is a reusable plastic cup. It looks like a to-go cup, but is sturdy plastic, with it's own lid and straw. (The one in the bundle isn't Starbucks brand, but plain so you don't have to be a Bucksy-snob!) I am pretty passionate about doing what I can to reduce my footprint, and while I'm not an all out tree-hugger or what have you, I think any little bit helps. I use a Sigg bottle, but when I saw this I seriously was considering keeping it for myself!!!

So, that's the giveaway, friends! Make sure you enter here! I will number all the comments and use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner Sunday! (I'm having a lot of fun reading all of your comments so far btw, you guys crack me up!)


Hey you over there... yea, you.... (GIVEAWAY!)

I want to meet you! I noticed that I have 36 followers (!!!!) Holy cow, now people actually read what I'm saying and notice when I don't use semicolons or dashes correctly. The pressure! I like you guys, every time I write on my blog it's kind of like calling my best friend and chatting! Except, some of you BFF's out there don't chat back, so I'm sittin here babbling on, and then I'm all like 'hello? hello? did AT&T drop my call again??'

Exciting news, this is my 99th post. That means 100 is the next, and I think that deserves a giveaway! (cue exciting music) My first one ever! Want to be part of this giveaway? The giveaway that I have yet to name because it's THAT awesome that I'm waiting to reveal it til my 100th post....

Well then comment! Right here, right now! I want to know some things though...
1. your name
2. where you call "home"
3. why you come here (if it's cause we went to high school together, and you followed the link on my Facebook and you hated me then and still do now.... that's ok too you can still win!)
and a fun question... 
4. if you bought a new pair of jeans and found $150 in the pocket what would you do with it?
5. your email (when some of you comment, I get a 'no-reply' email address and it makes me sad, plus if you win I want to make sure I can contact you! BTW- Katieballa posted an awesome lil tutorial on how to solve this!)
*6. If you're a newby here, it's not too late - you can become a follower now and still enter!

Don't worry, I'll show you what you can win tomorrow, I promise it will be awesome though! Happy 99 loves,

UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed! Thanks all for playing along!


Dewey Color System

I've heard of the Dewey Decimal System... but the Dewey Color System? I stumbled upon this a few days ago and jumped at the chance to take their personality test! (Honestly, am I the only one who loves to take these things?)

You go through 5 different stages, and choose the colors you most prefer and least prefer to look at. My results were pretty accurate! (I guess they do claim that this is the world's only validated color personality test)

I guess I did go with the right path in college... either that or my intuitiveness led me to pick colors that I just knew would relate to my "creator" status.  I only kid! If you go take it, you'll have to share.... did you think your results were accurate?


Fabric picked out!

We got our month assignments for the Fussy Cut Bee last week - Ive been hunting for the perfect fabric ever since! My month isn't til May, but I still was anxious to pick some out!

I didn't want to use a Heather Ross print, even though she is like the quintessential "fussy cut" fabric goddess and have been trying to find something else. I don't have a pattern picked out yet, I might just send the fabric and let people do whatever they desire. Regardless, I love love LOVE my fabric... here it is...

Ah I die. Look at that gorgeous face hidden in the flowers! And the eye in the apple in the bottom right corner. Fussy cut written all over it! I can't wait to get it in the mail and match it to some coordinating prints!  I got this "Lady in the Canyon" beaut from the ReproDepot, at $11.95/half yard it was a bit steep but, cmon, doesn't love know no bounds?!

I'm off to get ready for my Lovey Dovey day suprise with ChrisChris! Hope you all have an awesome day!


Look! Look!

Guess what I had waiting for me today when I got home from work....

Holy cute. And reversible. And my favorite color, teal! (Yes it's a total coincidence I had on a teal tank, I wore it to work today!) Remember me mentioning the apron swap here? My partner also included not one, but two, totally cute painted martini glasses! This was my first apron swap, and it was really fun. I'd love to do another!


Make a lil love!

I had Monday off, so after running some errands, I pulled out a project I started about a year ago and then forgot all about.

It went from a baby size quilt to the perfect size for cuddling under. Ideal, since it's made up of love! (no... really!)

Spencer helped me pick out the border ;)

I'm hoping to get the back sewed up this week, and then start quilting it sometime thereafter but I doubt this loveydovey cuddle quilt will be done by Valentine's Day. Boo! Oh well.... I am still really excited to finish it!

See what every one else is working on over at Sew Much Ado's We Did It Wednesday!


I joined a bee!

I've threw in the towel and joined the Fussy Cut Bee hosted by Lisa over at SophiaAster.
I'm really excited, I always hear about bees too late and they are already full. She is still accepting signups, if 5 more people join there will be two bees! Hurry on over and check it out!