Another update!

Looks like little miss Papaya is just as stubborn as the rest of our family. This is how the day's played out so far
11:30pm (last night): B texted me to say that Courtney were having contractions 5-6min apart so they were heading to the hospital to see if it was time.
3:15am: Another text from Brandin, they were admitted, Courtney is at 6cm
6:30am: I checked in to see how it was going, Brandin said everything was good til Courtney got the epidural, she had been puking ever since, and no progress
9:15am: Still stuck at 6cm
10:04am: Moved along to 7cm, they gave Courtney a little more epidural (she was given too much the first time, that's why she got sick)

Thanks for all the happy thoughts, will keep you updated!


Mateya said...

Hope she comes soon! I left you some love over on my blog!

Annie said...

poor thing!! I was in labor for 12 hours and thought that it was the LONGEST 12 hours of my life...haha! BUT, all worth it and I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT!! Cant wait to hear the exciting news :)

Sam said...

Aww, how exciting!

I'm your newest follower! I found your blog through Mateya's awards. Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime!