You all are so fun! I've really enjoyed getting to know you all and checking out the new blogs of those of you who entered from SMS!

Some of your $150 answer really cracked me up - I'm not gonna lie, if I found $150 in a new pair of jeans I would probably put it in my bank account! Boring I know, but that's a nice chunk towards a vacation! 

I'll quit babbling though, and announce the winner.... thanks to the Random Number Generator, out of the 20 of you who so kindly left comments and played along....

Comment #9, Mateya from Our Journey from Iraq to the Alter,  is going to win my Favorite Things gift bundle! 

How funny - we're both the boring ones who would save the money! Anways, congrats Mateya! Everyone else should go check out her super cute blog!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 100th post, I've really enjoyed gettin to know you all! I had a lot of fun with the giveaway, I hope to do them more frequently!

1 comment:

Mateya said...

Wow...Can't believe I won...thanks!!!! :) Hooray for us boring ladies who would deposit the money...maybe we're just smart :)