Santorini gone wrong

I come bearing both good news and bad news.

How do you want it? Good news first? Perfect... I've got 36 finished blocks ready to be sewn into rows. Fantastic, huh? Great work just like I planned. Right??
Wrong. Ready for the bad?

... I laid out the blocks and let me tell you, I'm not a fan. After I put 2 rows on my floor I was all "ehh.... Maybe it'll grow on me" but once I got every last block down, nooo way. No growing here! Everyone else likes it, it's a very cute pattern (from the Living Large book- see photo below) and I loved the fabric but somethin just ain't doin it for me.

But I guess on a good note, what better way to transition into selling my goods than with a quilt I'm not head over heels for?!

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Santorini bound!

I wish that title was true! I'd love to visit Greece one day. Those beautiful white buildings perched atop the deep blue sea. Ahh

Back to reality! I'm spending some quality with Bernie today, bought a layer cake of Moda's Santorini a few weeks ago and now that I've finally decided to quit admiring it and cut into it I've got quite a jumpsart on some super cute blocks.

I'll post more on some new projects and fabric ive been pulling later. How are you spending your Sunday?

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I've been browsing the web the past few days looking at yet to be released fabrics, I've added some of my favorites that I'm eagerly awaiting!

1. Chinese Takeout by Sheri Berry for Northcott Fabrics (coming any day, via Fat Quarter Quilt Shop) I'm eager to get a look at those first two.... they look super cute, I'm still a little unsure about the rest though....

2. Dolce by Tanya Welan for Free Spirit, expected at Fat Quarter Quilt Shop in November. Birds, flowers and hexagons - OH MY! I'm a sucker for bright graphic prints! Look at the beautiful gray and pink floral in the second row. Mama likey! I'm getting so many great ideas for these prints!

2. Polly Goes to Paris by Henry Glass Fabrics. This has wonky blocks written all over it, with the girl & her poodle staring in the middle of each block! Very cute bgq (baby girl quilt) potential..

4. And lastly, what's a wishlist without a little Amy Butler?! Her new Love collection by Westminster has some real lookers

I better start saving my pennies (and nickels... and dimes.... and quarters!!


Oh how I love old stuff!

So the darling boyfriend is doing some painting tonight and I'm pretty sure that means Ill be waltzing my lil booty to the antique mall.

I always fall in love with furniture- chairs in particular. Hope to find some goodies! Now that I can blog from my phone I'll be sure to post pics later!

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Stitchin & stitchin

I was super fortunate to have a 3day weekend this past week and boy did I make the most of it! I spent nearly two whole days shopping for fabric and working on my quilts. I finished up four quilt tops (I'm not THAT crazy, two were nearly done)

They're all throw size. This was probably one of the easiest patterns I've ever done.

I looove this one! Here's a close-up, it's so fun and bright!

Please don't judge my lack of ironing!

Here's my crazy log cabin. I definately want to do one of these soon, it was so fun and I loved the way it turned out!

If there's one thing I learned this weekend it's that I have an obsession with fabric. It's all so beautiful! So many combinations & possibilities! You can't blame a girl for fallin head over 4" stilletos for some moda layer cakes!

What catches your eye at the local quilt store?

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