Santorini gone wrong

I come bearing both good news and bad news.

How do you want it? Good news first? Perfect... I've got 36 finished blocks ready to be sewn into rows. Fantastic, huh? Great work just like I planned. Right??
Wrong. Ready for the bad?

... I laid out the blocks and let me tell you, I'm not a fan. After I put 2 rows on my floor I was all "ehh.... Maybe it'll grow on me" but once I got every last block down, nooo way. No growing here! Everyone else likes it, it's a very cute pattern (from the Living Large book- see photo below) and I loved the fabric but somethin just ain't doin it for me.

But I guess on a good note, what better way to transition into selling my goods than with a quilt I'm not head over heels for?!

-- C is iBloggin from her iPhone

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