I'm a follower

I've done it. I've hopped on board the wonky wagon. I've been dreamin about wonky blocks for weeks now- I see em on everyones blogs & flickrs and I finally joined the in-crowd!

And for someone who's as much of a control freak as me, that's a big step. Cutting into fabric for a pattern is bad enough, but hackin up perfectly good strips and blocks. Phew. Stress me out! Took a good 10min to wonkify the first strip!!

But... Alas I prevailed. And I LOVE IT! Why haven't I been making these all along?! Next time a hip improv trend comes along can someone make sure I join a heck of a lot sooner?!

I honestly have no idea who designed my beautiful fabrics, they were a fat quarter bundle that I had purchased a few years ago when I first began quilting. The blues, purples, teals and grays seemed fitting for the rainy weather we had today though. (If you can help identify please do, I would love to get more!)

I'm off to chop and sew a few more with Bernie before calling it a night!



ohnikki said...

I feel the same way about wonky blocks! I sooo want to try them but my brain wants me to draw them on graph paper first! I've made a vow to try one before the end of the year. Did you follow Quilt Dad's instructions? Also, is Bernie your Bernina? ha!

Chelsea said...

Hey Nikki-
yep, Bernie is my Bernina! I have this odd obsession with naming things (my car is Cammy, my iPod is Black Betty, my wii is Penelope, etc) haha. Please tell me someone else out there is like this!

I didn't quite follow QuiltDads tutorial but close... I wasn't using scraps, I was using fat quarters so I cut all my fabric into 3" strips first then just strted with a square block and did whatever felt right. I have 5 blocks done so far! You should definately try it, once you get past the first block it's really easy and intuitive!!