End of the weekend Internet-ing

I hope you all had an awesome fall weekend! Mine was full of baking (chocolate cherry cupcakes and apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies - mmmm), sewing, football and relaxing! My favorite kind of weekends!

Now I'm veggin' in front of my computer finding all kinds of cute stuff that I need (yes, need. I know want is the correct term, but I promise you I need it!)

Numero Uno
Brooke's to die for illustrations that I've been drooling over -- and debating which one, or three I need! You can visit her blog or her Etsy store here to see the rest of her amazing illustrations. She even does commissions of women in their wedding dresses - what an awesome idea!

Numero Dos

Have you seen these Upcycled IBC Creme Soda bottle glasses by Yava Glass ?! I just want to sit in a porch swing & sip lemonade out of them all day long. Well maybe not today, it's a little chilly out. But in my mind it's a picture perfect scene! They do liquor bottles too, I have a set of their Absolut Vodka ones and they are really fun as flower vases! (Even better - the ones in the photo are on sale!)

Numero Tres

Cute flags, right.... but did you look closely? They're maps! I want these! I want theme for every party I ever host from here on out. I will have a closet full! They're kits made by Beppe Martha, a retired nurse. Mama mia, as if maps aren't enough of a sweet spot of mine, you gotta go hangin em from trees!

Ok, ok, I could go on for days but these are my top three. I've got to regain peace in this household. I'm dog-sitting my brother's two dogs this week and let me tell you, they are a handful. Poor Spencer is overwhelmed (my bischon-poodle mix) he's so mellow and just lays around and these dogs want to run and play and growl. What else would you expect from a boxer mix and an australian sheep dog mix?! Phew. I've totally taken for granted having a dog that I can just open the door and let him go out on his own and not worry about running off. I wasn't made for big dogs! Help!

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Anonymous said...

Those glasses are great. I might have to start washing mine a bit more haphazardly.