Just like Xmas morning

I had lured Chris into going to the local quilt shop for the first time in his life last night with the promise of Chipotle afterwards. Sneaky, I know.

Well little did I know that our quilt store has an awesome new addition- a scrap basket full of fabric scraps from their kits they make. I'm talking 8"x8" scraps for 10 cents... Talk dirty to me!

I'm pretty sure it was right about the time that my boyfriend rounded the corner to see me sitting cross-legged on the floor digging through a laundry basket of cut up fabric that he definately was ready to sign me into the looney bin.

I desperately tried to explain wonky and string and houses to him. And as I looked up wide-eyed and rambling, he had the best reaction I could have ever asked for. He plopped down right next to me and said "what colors are you looking for?"

What fun is Christmas morning without someone to share it with! :) (I should note, Chris has made it very clear that "while it was kinda cool, I don't want to go with you everytime you go" hehe)

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