Fussy Cut Bee _ October block for Jane

Jane sent out a gorgeous variety of plum, magenta and gray fabrics with her twin girls in mind. She asked for a "Drunk Love" style of blocks featuring the cute little fussy-cut storybook girl somewhere in there!

I really can't wait to see how this quilt turns out!

Sew Fun 2 Bee _ September for Locodowo

I know I haven't posted in a while. Between buying a home and renovating, adding to my sewing blog let alone really accomplishing anything craft related in general has sort-of fallen to the wayside!

So, I'm playing catch-up now!

Lauree sent out a package of lovely orange and gray blocks and requested we create Map of the States blocks.

This was my first time ever paper piecing a block, it was a incredibly intimidating! However once I got started it really wasn't that bad at all. I think I'd like to attempt it again in the future!

Pretty in Pink Bee - November block for Amy

November was Amy's month and she requested house blocks. She sent out the cutest variety of bright fabrics!

I created this adobe style home with some hot pink bushes! It originally started out as a row-home (think: San Francisco) but hey... planning never was my forte!

I am loving all the house quilts I'm seeing online!


Pretty in Pink Bee _ September

September was Lisa's month in the Pretty in Pink Bee with her only request being that we create a 10.5"x10.5" block with a "string" theme.

As soon as I looked at her mix of pink prints & solids I knew what direction I wanted to go.
Pretty in Pink Bee - September block for Lisa
This what I came up with. I want a whole quilt of blocks like this now!


Dumbos & Daisies

I've been saying for months that I want to get a couple quilts made up and start an Etsy store. I love making custom quilts, but sometimes it's just fun to work at your own pace using whatever inspires you.
 That's what this Dumbos & Daisies quilt is, just some fun fabric that turned into an adorable little girl quilt.

It measures 41" x 48" and is made up of a combination of Joel Dewberry, Moda and other designer fabrics, and Kona cotton solids. I just have to add binding and this little cutie will be ready to go to a new home!


A few more bee blocks

Sunday was a little gloomy and chilly out, so I spent most of the day in the sewing room! After many failed attempts my mom & I got a dvd player hooked up to the TV in there so we happily watched a few movies and seasons of Will & Grace and sewed our little hearts out.

August is Becky's month in the Fussy Cut Bee,
Fussy Cut Bee - August block for Becky
She sent out the MunkiMunki kitty fabric and a load of Anna Maria Horner in colors I love! I really can't wait to see the finished product in this one - the blocks are all going to be so fun!

These two blocks are for Angela for the Pretty in Pink Bee
Pretty in Pink Bee _ August for Angela
Pretty in Pink Bee _ August for Angela
Pretty in Pink Bee _ August for Angela
She is working on a quilt for her niece and (smart girl) decided to request the quarter log cabin blocks for her month in the bee. I hope her niece loves it, I think it will turn out super cute!

I also had a chance to finish quilting an something I started a long, long time ago
This was one of the first quilt tops I made, all Amy Butler fabrics and a white flowered fabric (before I discovered Kona solids!) I did straight line quilting, and silly me forgot to take a picture. Maybe I'll wait until the binding is done for the big reveal...


Take that Trudy!

A lovely quilter friend of mine, Lucia, sent out a call to action last week in an effort to sooth her friend Errick who is battling a cancerous tumor that he has so gallantly named Trudy. You can find out more about Trudy's Arse Kicking quilt here.

She is collecting blocks from sew-er's all over the states (and even across the ponds) to assemble a quilt to give to Errick as he fights Trudy. I think it's an awesome that she's organized this, and even more amazing how many lovely ladies across the country have stepped up and made a block or two (or twenty-one as I just saw in the Flickr pool!)
My blocks for Trudy's Arse Kicking

I whipped up a couple blocks last night, and it was quite a struggle! I came to the realization that I just don't have any manly fabrics in my stash!! All of my blue's are light blues and girly, and the only grays I have are solid Kona's!

Oh well, I used what I could fine (including some Tula Pink Nest!) and am sending these off today to Lucia or tomorrow.
Take that Trudy - block 1

Take that Trudy - block 2


Update your readers!

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to post a reminder that my personal blog has moved to Hello Miss Chelsea - please join me over there!

This blog will slowly but surely becoming a craft blog - please feel free to remain a follower here too but I won't be posting many personal goodies here, just the nitty gritty! =)


Sew Fun 2 blocks

July was my month in the Sew Fun 2 Bee, I sent out an assortment of purples, pinks, browns, light greens and yellow fabrics and requested quarter square wonky log cabins (although I've heard them referred to as wonky quarter bento blocks too)

This was my inspiration- 
Ms LauraJay's Amazing Sunshine Quilt

And these were the packages I sent out
Lil bundles of joy waiting to be sent out

Here's the example block I made
Sample block for my month in the Sew Fun 2 bee

Ready to see some of the goodies I've got en route to my mailbox??
Bento Box for Chelsea
Bento Box for Chelsea
Bento Box for Chelsea
Wonky Quarter Log Cabins for Chelsea
blocks for Chelsea
blocks for Chelsea
Aren't they fantastic? At first the colors worried me a bit - greens, purples and browns aren't usually at the top of my "go-to" list but I really love the way they are playing against each other in these blocks!

Caribbean Cake Island preview

Want to see what this is all about? 
Come over to my new blog (I will no longer be writing daily posts on this one!)


A little spring cleaning

Oh wait, it's summer isn't it. Well I've been debating this since early spring!

My personal blog is on the move!
 Come visit (and re-follow me!) at

As I am working to grow my quilt business, I will be using this space for what I orignally intended it for - just that.... all things creative and crafty!

I would of course be delighted if you left Cream & Cotton on your blog roll, you will find many more inspiration and crafty posts in the coming months, however if you only want the "fun" stuff, I will understand!

(PS Cut me some slack, the new site isn't QUITE up to par, I'm still working on getting the template and all my sidebar goodies transferred over)


My mother likes to taunt me

by sending pictures like this all day long on Mondays (when she babysits my sweet niece)


Cake ball a trois

A friend of the family asked me to make cake balls for her daughters graduation open house this weekend, sweetening the offer with the promise of cash. Baking for money? Sign me up!

Dressed in my best Betty Crocker get-up, I've spent my afternoon baking cakes. My kitchen is hotter than a bad word and I'm quite tired of mooshing icing into cake crumbs. And sadly, I'm not even halfway done!

I'm making lemon cake balls which will be dipped in white chocolate, red velvet with cream cheese icing that will be dipped in chocolate, chocolate with cherry icing to be dipped in chocolate and also Oreo balls (dipped in white chocolate).

I've got balls that are rolled out,
balls that are still in the smooshed stage 
and balls that don't even know they're going to become balls!
Lord help me! I'm all caked out. This is requiring more energy than my sick-self has exerted all week long. 

PS I'm battling day 8 of summer illness =/ Thanks for all the kind words, it has started to fade off, but still frustratingly enough graced me with a throbbing head and swollen tonsils all day today. 



Dear invisible friends,
Meet my new partner in crime-
We've been spending a lot of time together lately.


Lovey Dovey quilt

I just realized I never showed a finished picture of the Lovey Dovey quilt I mentioned back in February...

we had a bright (bright!) sunshiney day so I sweet-talked Chris into being my human quilt rack while I took some pictures!

Here's a sneak peak at another that I'm working on too...


Lil' Miss Sassy

Every baby needs a cute, cozy quilt! 

And if that baby is growin inside of a fellow coworker of mine then it only makes sense for me to make them one as a gift! If you're new(er) to my blog you may have missed out on the Lil Zoo Boo and the Cindy Loo Who quilt which have gone to live with their wee little owners this past year (and apparently they are being used quite a bit judging by the amount of pictures i've seen on Facebook with these lil blankies lurkin in the background!)

This week I finished up another one, for a little girl of one of my sales reps. She was actually due this past Sunday and thank goodness she hasn't gone into labor or anything yet so I had a chance to finish it up and get it to her before her lil miss makes her grand debut.

I'm calling this one the Lil' Miss Sassy quilt... those are some intense, bold colors for a baby quilt... and I LOVE it! If this baby girl is anything like her momma, she will be one sassy chick!

I apologize for the poor quality photos. These are actually before I even finished the quilt, taken on my iPhone.  I took good ones on my camera last night but they somehow disappeared (I'm quite sad because the quilt is with a fellow coworker to be given to the preggo tomorrow because I won't see her!)

PS Thanks all for your sweet, sweet words yesterday! I spent yesterday sewing and that always helps to clear my head and cheer me up!