A little spring cleaning

Oh wait, it's summer isn't it. Well I've been debating this since early spring!

My personal blog is on the move!
 Come visit (and re-follow me!) at

As I am working to grow my quilt business, I will be using this space for what I orignally intended it for - just that.... all things creative and crafty!

I would of course be delighted if you left Cream & Cotton on your blog roll, you will find many more inspiration and crafty posts in the coming months, however if you only want the "fun" stuff, I will understand!

(PS Cut me some slack, the new site isn't QUITE up to par, I'm still working on getting the template and all my sidebar goodies transferred over)


Tara said...

off to follow it!

Mateya said...

On my way over...

Anonymous said...

fun! will do!