Lil' Zoo Boo is off to it's owner!

Remember seeing previews of this?
Well, it's in the hands of it's new owner now so I can finally show you all pictures!

This little guy was my first commissioned quilt, and only my 2nd one that I have quilted myself... so be easy on me!

Here's the front of the lil' zoo boo quilt. I used 6" squares Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo bordered with 3" strips of various fabrics. I had a color scheme to match, and an unknown sex of the baby. I'm really happy with the way it turned out though!

And here's the back. I quilted it in straight lines, similar to the last baby quilt, The Cindy Loo Who.
I like the simplicity of the straight lines, and they go really quickly. (Not to mention that the very thought of stippling still scares me!)  The teal binding, orange stripe on the back and cream on the front are Kona Cotton, the backing is actually something I got on sale at JoAnn fabrics - love polka dots, especially if they're on sale!

The best part about this quilt... is that not even 24 hours after I gave it to her, the lil one decided to make his grand entrance into the world! (Yep, he ended up being a he - a little Aiden in fact!). I guess he was just waiting on this quilt to be done before he wanted to arrive!


Emily said...

Love the quilt...and how sweet that the little one arrived already! You shouldn't be scared on's loads of fun!

Lexilooo said...

I'm thinking of using that Alezander Henry fabric for an upcoming baby quilt!