The Lil "Cindy Loo Who"

I did it! I finished my first quilt that I quilted myself (usually I just do the tops and pay someone to quilt them)

I am calling this one Little Cindy Loo Who because the letters have made me think of Dr. Suess all weekend long as I've been working on this. And since I love naming things, giving my quilts human-like names makes the utmost sense ;)

Lil Who is made up of 12 blocks that are a little larger than 13" each. I made up the pattern myself, but can pass it along if anyone is interested. I quilted her in a grid of sorts (will post a photo of the back tomorrow).

I have this amazing sense of accomplishment right now... I hope my quilt high lasts all week!

I'm giving miss Cindy Loo Who away Wednesday at a baby shower luncheon... This is a bog step! I can't believe I'm giving away the first quilt I've ever quilted! I'm like the queen of hoarding! Haha especially anything with the smallest spec of sentimental value.

Phew, I'm ready for a few days of rest... Rest and fabric shopping. I'm hooked!! I can't wait to quilt some more tops!

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Lexilooo said...

I love the colors!