Pie in the pants!

Chris and I had been debating Halloween costumes for the entire month of October. We knew we wanted to coordinate (maybe that's silly, but it's our first Halloween together so we are allowed to be all cutesy!)

About a week before the big night Chris came up with the best idea...

We were Nickelodeon Double Dare contestants! If any of you remember this show you know how ridiculous it was. Teams had to do "physical challenges" that usually involved lots of slime and/or whipped cream.

We made our helmets, tshirts and flags so overall I was a rather cheap costume!

We went to a couple parties and were a big hit! We entered in a costume contest and got in the top 10, but were beat out by KISS and a rather large "Michael Phelps" (complete with teeny tiny speedo & medals!)

How did you spend your Halloween? I've seen lots of cute pictures of party decor & costumed kiddos!


Suzi of the Stars said...

You are so lucky to have a man that will do matching costumes with you. My husband is totally against it :( Great idea, BTW! Oh, and, I spent my Halloween in watching scary movies, so no pics to share.

Chelsea said...

Aw, boo on him! I'm never one to turn down a night of snuggling & movies though. I love when they play all the Halloween/Michael Myers movies leading up to Halloween night!