Holy Cute!

I have to head off to a housewarming bash here shortly but wanted to share with you some of my finds at the antique stores the past week.

Metal kitchen canisters. One for flour, sugar and coffee. I love love love the typography on them!

A rather large box of ball canning jars. Is it just me or does anyone else want to put EVERYTHING in glass jars?!

(I've filled one with colored pencils and another with fabric scraps)

And lastly a hot pink & fuschia tablecloth. I have had a lusting for vintage tableclothed for about a year now. Now (like many of my Have To Have It things) I need to find the perfect use for it.

I also bought a set of 3 metal/wood drafting stools but sadly they haven't gotten their photograph taken yet. Soon!

I'm off to warm a house! Hopefully some packing and sewing will happen tonight! Have a rockin Sunday -Chels

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