These are a few of my favorite things

Since this is my 100th post, I felt like I should make it somethin' special! I already filled you in on the giveaway I am hosting in the last post, although I didn't tell you what it was for. Is the suspense killing you yet? I can only imagine! (Kidding. Although, I would be flattered!)

I am giving away a little bundle of my favorite things! Chrischris & I wandered around last night collecting goodies, and since they are all still in the bags in my trunk and I am at work, I can't very well post a picture so I will fake it!

The first goody is a super cute scarf (not the exact one pictured, but VERY close!). I love love love scarfs. My typical work attire is a plain colored shirt, dress pants, cute heels and a scarf. Even in the summer. I have probably 15-20. It's bad, real bad!

The second item in my rad giveaway bundle is a tube of Burts Bee's. Absolutely addicted to this, I've probably gone through 6 tubes (that's a lot in chapstick land!). Favorite balm ever, nothing more to say!

Maybe I should have titled this the Things Chelsea is Addicted to" hah - Orange tictacs and dark chocolate. Yum!

I've also included one of my favorite games - Left Right Center. It's a dice game, we play for quarters, sometimes dollars, but if you want to be gambling-free it comes with little plastic chips. SO fun, and you can play with anywhere from 3 to 300 people?!

The last item is a reusable plastic cup. It looks like a to-go cup, but is sturdy plastic, with it's own lid and straw. (The one in the bundle isn't Starbucks brand, but plain so you don't have to be a Bucksy-snob!) I am pretty passionate about doing what I can to reduce my footprint, and while I'm not an all out tree-hugger or what have you, I think any little bit helps. I use a Sigg bottle, but when I saw this I seriously was considering keeping it for myself!!!

So, that's the giveaway, friends! Make sure you enter here! I will number all the comments and use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner Sunday! (I'm having a lot of fun reading all of your comments so far btw, you guys crack me up!)

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