Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time
I was checking out Craft Hope's blog and noticed a tweet stating that as of 17 hours ago, they have had 745 sales on their etsy shop, and have raised...

wait for it...

$15,350 for Doctors Without Borders!

This is AMAZING! They still have a ton of beautiful stuff if you haven't checked it out, go to their etsy store now!

I snagged a print from BrookLit (I mentioned her work back here),

These handmade soaps by Sonata Soaps and also...

This adorable lil guy by Henny Pennys Jumble. I can't wait to put him in our tree next year!

I heard this morning that another earthquake hit Haiti this morning. Those poor people down there, I'm glad I have been able to help out, even if it is just a little bit - I know every single penny goes towards the awesome work that Doctors Without Borders is doing down there.

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