Possibly the most fun I've had all day

I have to turn in my portfolio tomorrow, and have been putting this off all semester. What is it about creating business cards for yourself that is so difficult? If I was making these for anyone else I could have knocked em out in a day, but for I've changed this lil baby about 60x over the course of 3 months. It's actually quite ridiculous, I know!

They may not be the best, but I think one of the fun parts about being a designer is that you have the freedom to change things like these. In 2 weeks I can update the colors and print new ones, if I run out in 3 months I can change the whole design, heck, if I get married, change my number and begin designing via morse code I can adjust all of that. And it's expected! No one wants to see the same boring thing on your business cards for years and years, what's the fun in that?! I'm supposed to be "creative" so you better believe I'm gonna be!

(I'll be printing these hot little numbers tomorrow... I'll be sure to post pictures of how they turn out!)

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Juliet said...

I can not believe that you and I went similar directions in our chosen career paths. We should open an intergallactic (or some other adjective meaning Utah-Indiana) full service agency. I dabble in design.. but I love the planning of campaigns and strategies, PR and events even more! We could do good things together ;)

Love, Mrs. Gwynn